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5 security checks for new homeowners

20th June 2019

If you’ve just become a new homeowner, congratulations! Amid all the hustle, bustle and having a million and one things to sort out, remember that you’ve finally got your own place, to do with as you please!

One important consideration for all new homeowners is security. Home security is easily forgotten when you’ve got boxes as high as your ceiling, an empty bank account and frayed nerves, but nevertheless something that should be high on your to-do list. Read our top 5 security checks for new homeowners below.

1) The keys

Our first home security tip would be to change the external locks and get new keys cut for all members of your household as soon as possible. There’s no knowing how many previous homeowners have used the same access locks to the dwelling previously, nor how many spare sets of keys they have had cut for friends and relatives. Start afresh with new locks, just in case a pair have fallen into the wrong hands in the past.

2) The doors

It may sound strange but the main risk to security is through the front door, and yet countless properties are sold with only a basic Yale lock in place. Consider fitting a five-lever deadlock (a single deadlock at the very least) and a night-latch. Do the same to the back door and ensure any patio or sliding doors have mortice locks on both sides.

3) The windows

Window locks not only help to prevent intruders, but there very presence may well deter an intrusion in the first place. Help protect your home by ensuring all windows have a lock in place, and that the key is not visible through the window. Don’t forget to close all windows – even high ones – if you ever go out. However unlikely it may seem, an open window at any level is an invitation to a potential burglar.

4) Neighbourhood Watch

Joining the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme is a must. Not only is it a good way of getting to know your new neighbours and community, but it may come in extra handy if you spend long periods out of the house. The sooner you can get someone to pick up leaflets and mail when you’re away, the safer your home will be – posting leaflets and returning days later to see if they’ve been collected is an oft-used tactic of burglars when checking if a house is empty.

5) Home insurance

Sort out your home insurance before you move into your property, and ensure you are covered on moving day. If this is your first home you’ll need a far greater cover than you may have arranged in a rental property, which tend to cover possessions only (‘contents insurance’). As a homeowner you’ll need buildings insurance to help protect your home and the type of security you have on your doors and windows may affect the amount you pay, so in the long run it may well pay to up your security and save on insurance. It’s true to say that you can’t put a price on peace of mind when it comes to securing your home!

We hope you find our blog useful – amid the hectic nature of a home move it’s easy to push security issues to the background, but a bit of attention to detail can make all the difference. For more information, please see our home security checklist or our dedicated page on moving house. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about home security, and remember our home security surveys are completely free of charge.

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