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Are you exposing your home to burglars?

23rd July 2019

Burglars are always looking for opportunities to break into homes that are easy targets. Is your home an easy target? Here are some questions which will help you decide whether you are exposing your home to burglars or not:

1) Lighting

Do you turn off the exterior lights during the night? Poorly lit or dark surroundings make it easy for burglars to hide and carry out their break-in.

Also, when you are on holiday then use timers to switch lights on and off. A well-lit home indicates someone’s at home. Also, installing motion -detecting lights adds an extra layer of security.

2) Uncut bushes

Do you have overgrown plants and shrubs around your home? Overgrown bushes are a perfect hiding spot for burglars. They make it easier for burglars to carry out their break-ins without being noticed. Tall fences do the same job of letting burglars sneak inside the property.

3) Spare keys in the usual locations

Do you keep your spare keys under the mat or in the flower pot? The first thing burglars do while breaking in is to search for spare keys. Remember, they know all about those easy tricks to get inside your home.

4) Unattended deliveries

Away on holiday? What about your deliveries (milk, newspaper, post)? Have you canceled them? Overflowing mailboxes, piles of milk and newspapers or magazines are clear indicators that nobody’s home. These signs indicate that your home is an easy target because opportunistic burglars know it’s easy to break in when no-ones home.

5) Often forget to lock the garage door?

Burglars don’t mind using tools from the garage or your shed to force entry into your home. You increase the risk of burglary in your home when you forget to lock the garage or shed doors.

6) Not installing a security system

A home with no security system is an easy target for burglars. They know they won’t be monitored and can steal your valuable possessions without any fear of getting caught. So, install home CCTV system today.

Secure your home with professional security products. To install the right products the right way then contact us.

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