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Common tactics used by burglars

20th June 2019

Although we would all like to think differently burglars are not dumb, and by thinking they are then perhaps you are underestimating them and importantly putting yourself at risk.  Experienced and sophisticated burglars use different tactics to break into your home and will ultimately ransack the property.

Below, we discuss some of the popular tactics used by burglars so that you can take proactive safety measures accordingly.

Marking the property

Sophisticated burglars don’t just randomly break in. Instead, they devise a plan. Burglars can leave markings in your home for identification. They might draw on walls; use common items such as litter, bags, cans or other items that you’ll not notice easily; advertising stickers with fake locksmith contact details – are usual ways burglars communicate with each other.

Also, these markings done in your home can denote the number of people situated within your home, the number of male and female (as female occupants are an easier target), and the timings when nobody is home.

Burglars are on the lookout for families with pets

Families that own cats and other pets can stand a greater risk of burglary. People adopting cats often leave their doors and windows open, they can even disable the security system to prevent a false alarm.

Bin diving

You increase your vulnerability to burglary when you bin papers such as important documents, delivery packages, and bills. Burglars can easily go through the bin, take those papers and find out your address, phone number, and name. They can use the information to fulfil their devious plans.

For instance, a burglar who’s gone through some of the papers thrown in the bin can call the locksmith while claiming to be the homeowner and trick the locksmith to break in.

Gaining information from social media

Burglars can monitor your social activity through your social media user account. You might post something about your upcoming holiday on social media , which in turn will prove to be a valuable piece of information for burglars monitoring you as they can time the break-in for when you are not home.


Signs outside your home saying you are away for a family holiday are an invitation to burglars. Similarly, voice messages saying you are not home increase the risk significantly.


One of the most common tactics used by burglars is to check your mailbox. The reason behind this is very simple, if nobody’s home, the letters in the mailbox will start piling up – an easy sign for burglars.

Protect your home from burglary

Installing the right security system is the best way to protect your home from burglaries. 

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