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14th August 2019

Protect My Property have been working with Preston Road Women’s Centre, a multi-purpose organisation run by women for women and provides information, support and advice to women in Hull. It offers support around domestic abuse and has over 100 properties in different areas of Hull which are available for women and children needing homes or fleeing domestic abuse.

Seven houses have been installed with intruder alarms and CCTV by Protect My Property as part of an initial trial, with another six due to be completed this year. Since the installation, both the alarm and CCTV systems have helped in incidents of unwelcome guests attempting to access the properties. Protect My Property worked closely with the team to ensure they delivered to their needs, while keeping within the budget requirements.

Domestic Abuse and Housing Manager Alison Ashton said: “It is important that our clients and their children feel very safe in the homes we provide, as part of this we are very particular about the companies we work with. The company representatives made us feel at ease and comfortable with their level of competence and experience.  The quality of images from the CCTV cameras was excellent, which can be important to us in dealing with unwelcome visitors. We also had intruder alarms fitted and the peace of mind this gave to our families was priceless.”

“The engineers were a pleasure to deal with too - they made helpful suggestions that allowed us to reach our own decisions. They had a good level of understanding throughout about the kind of work we do and were very sensitive to our clients’ circumstances. The trial was such a success that we’ve had the systems installed in all our current properties and are planning to roll it out to each new safe house that we add to our growing portfolio.”

Protect My Property Operations Manager, Craig Foot adds: “Preston Road Women’s Centre was missing the fundamental element of electronic security within their houses which I felt was something we could provide to offer further peace of mind. I arranged with Alison to undertake a survey of one of the properties and suggested an intruder alarm system and CCTV system that would provide this additional level of safety and security for the residents.

“Upon agreeing the spec and quotation we installed the system in the first property in order for Preston Road Women’s Centre to evaluate our offering and compare to other solutions. They found our product to better quality than the alternative options and decided to use our equipment going forward. We have installed systems in seven properties so far providing specific systems designed to each property and we are hopeful to install a further six this year and more into the future."

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