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Smart Homes get smarter with integrated door locks

28th January 2020

Say goodbye to your huge bunch of keyrings, and hello to your new Smart Lock. 

Our Smart Homes systems are now compatible with any Danalock V3 Z-wave door lock, meaning you can control locking or unlocking your door directly from the Protect My Property app, along with your security, cameras and home automation. 

Centred around the Smart Homes hub, you’ll need to be subscribed to either the Dynamic or Active package to enable this feature within your app.

The lock and hub communicate to each other via encrypted Z-Wave. Z-Wave is a proprietary, wireless, low-power RF communication protocol that allows for home automation. Devices talk to each other via a local “mesh network” and is completely secure.

Easier to install than you think, the Ultion Smart Lock featuring the Danalock V3 Z-Wave technology is available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes and can be fitted to an existing door. 

A more recent development within the world of internet-of-things connected devices, a smart lock is a great way to add even more security, control and automation to your home and the benefits are significant. 

A smart lock can provide a great way to grant temporary access to certain individuals to your home, avoiding those dreaded days waiting in for someone or something to arrive.

And when you combine your smart lock with your Smart Homes video doorbell, you’ll be able to unlock the door to the porch while talking to your visitor making missed deliveries a thing of the past. 

You can include the locking or unlocking of your door into your scenes, allowing you to control your alarm, lights, electrical appliances and locks all in one tap. If you’re leaving the house or coming home, just tap once to change your alarm status, unlock or lock your door and switch on or off the lights and any electrical appliances using the smart bulb and plug. Find out more about scenes here.

Not sure if you locked the door, set the alarm or turned off the lights this morning? Have peace of mind knowing you can check the status of your home and control including your door lock and even lock it all from the app. Enable your geo-fence to notify you’ve forgotten to lock the door or to remind you to re-lock your home after it has been unlocked for a programmable amount of time. 

In summary, here’s what you can do when integrating any Danalock V3 Z-Wave lock: 

You can purchase the lock through the Ultion Lock website ( and use the code ‘zwaveswitch’ at checkout to ensure you receive the correct and compatible product.

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