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Indoor CCTV systems

Hook up your indoor CCTV camera to a SMART CCTV system and monitor what’s going on inside your home at all times, even if you’re at work or on holiday. You can use them effectively alongside our range of intruder alarms and motion sensor alarms so that if anything looks a little suspicious, you can act quickly and effectively.

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Outdoor CCTV systems

These cameras ensure you keep a vigilant eye on your home and kids whilst your not there. They act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders and send a clear message that nothing will go unseen. Our cameras are specifically designed to withstand various light and weather conditions and are therefore always supplying security to your property.

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Who We Are & Why Choose Us

200+ security experts across the UK

30 years of expertise

Employees are vetted and cleared in accordance with
British Standard 7858

What You Get

30 days of recorded footage when you go on holiday

Auto switch to Day & Night mode for complete protection

SMART home app to remotely monitor your property in real time

NSI Approved security system

24/7 monitoring and emergency maintenance

We have
100+ Happy Customers
in London

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We provide 24*7 monitoring and emergency maintenance solution.

Our highly trained security experts are located throughout the UK, delivering expert advice, installation, maintenance and support service.

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