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Smart Home Systems

Automate your daily routine

Leave the house stress-free
Click a single button on your phone to turn off the lights, arm your alarm and manage the temperature. 

Respond to an event when it matters
Set actions to trigger in response to events and receive instant video verification when the alarm is activated.

Wake up with a smart start
When you set or unset your alarm, your system can automatically adjust the temperature and switch on your bedside lamps.  

Smart security & video monitoring

Our professionally installed smart home systems start from £599 and combines security, video monitoring and home automation technology into a single app, so you can stay connected to what's happening at home.

Receive real-time alerts including instant images and videos to your smartphone when your alarm is activated or view live camera footage in your own time for complete peace of mind.

Set up routines to combine a range of automatic actions for when you leave home, go on holiday or in response to specific events. 

Energy management

Never forget to turn the heating on or off again with our smart heating solution. Keep your home comfortable by managing your heating room by room from your phone. Set daily schedules for specific rooms or only heat the rooms you need to. 

Power & lighting

Control your appliances through a smart plug turning them on or off from anywhere, including lamps, TVs and game consoles. You can check you turned off the iron this morning, set schedules so the lights come on whilst you're away or so your children only watch TV for a certain amount of time. 


Seamless integration & control

Connect your devices and control them through a single app.

Be aware when you're not home

Check on your home including lights, thermostats & appliances.


Smart app

Video monitoring

Energy management

Home automation

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