The most powerful app for your home


With the app, you can easily and securely protect, control and monitor your home. Unlike other smart home systems, you know what’s happening at your home regardless if your system
is set or unset.

Set your alarm from the app or Apple Watch. Ask Siri to turn off the lights from your iPhone. Receive reminders when you forget to set your alarm. Lock your door. Even tell your Sonos speaker to play music when you get home. The app connects your smart home devices for seamless automation and control, while knowing your home is safe and secure.

Download the app today and take a tour.

Getting started is easy

Once your system arrives, just simply follow the link in your welcome email to the online guide. A screwdriver is required to access the hub and switch on the internal battery and then just plug it into a power socket and connect it to your router via the ethernet cable. Then stick up your motion sensors, door contacts and any other devices for a quick and easy installation.
Or opt to have one of our professionals set it up for you.

A home that works for you

Geo-location services

Receive reminders as you cross your virtual geo-fence such as forgetting to set your alarm or telling you, you've left the back door open.

Unique user codes

Give each person in your home a unique user code so you can see who and when they set or unset the system.

Unexpected activity

Be alerted to unusual events outside of your normal activity patterns including opening of the front door late at night.

Intelligent home security & safety

Using the app, you can view your home's status and remotely control your security system by setting, unsetting or part-setting the alarm and locking or unlocking your doors.

The motion and door and window contact sensors can detect unauthorised entry to your home. In the event of a break-in, an audible alarm is built into the hub to deter any intruders and an instant notification is sent to your phone or a contact of your choice.

Link cameras and automation devices to provide a visual verification of an intrusion or to turn the lights on to act as a distraction.

Add the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in to your system to alert you of potential hazards and send notifications to friends or family.


Home automation

Take multiple actions with one tap

Customise one button to prepare your home for any occasion. Take multiple actions across multiple devices with one tap such as controlling lights, electrical appliances, playing music and setting or unsetting the alarm. So whether you're waking up, going to sleep, or having a movie night, set your home the way you want it.

Good morning...

Out for the evening...

Create your own scene...

Rules & schedules

As well as being able to manually control lights and appliances, make your devices talk to each other with custom rules. For instance, set a rule that turns off your lights when you set your system or only make your lights come on when you enter a room, saving energy and money.

You can also set custom schedules that determine how your automation devices behave, when they begin and for how long, to give the impression someone is home while you are on holiday.

Set up triggers for lights to turn on when your video doorbell is pressed, motion is detected, a door opens and to capture images or record video when the alarm is activated.

Monitor your home

View live footage of your home right on your phone, tablet or computer – from anywhere, at anytime. Easily check up on your family, pets or visitors with crystal clear HD quality video and two-way talk.

Set custom triggers to receive instant video notifications when there is an activity that matters to you. Easily catch up on what you missed with a searchable library of recorded video clips.

Our cameras also coordinate your alarm so you can get an automatic video clip when someone disarms the system, sets off the alarm or a sensor is opened.

Video analytics

Our cameras use video analytics to distinguish important events from routine activity. Set your camera to record when an object is detected crossing your virtual tripwire and be notified if a person, animal or vehicle moves within your perimeter. You can receive a video alert if someone lingers at your door, a car enters your driveway or a naughty pet jumps on the sofa.

Get notified, your way

Stay aware of important activity at your home at anytime, with customisable push notifications and email alerts.

Receive arming reminders based on your location, see who has armed or disarmed the system and even get a photo of the activity. Get an alert in an alarm event, know if motion has been detected or if a specific door or window is opened or left ajar when it shouldn't be.


Integrate with your other smart devices

"Hey Siri, run sleep scene"

Take home automation to the next level and create custom voice shortcuts for Siri. Say "Hey Siri, arm my system" to set your alarm system or to run a Scene, say "Hey Siri, I'm home from work," or set up a phrase of your choice within the app.

Enable the app on your Apple Watch so you can receive notifications and control your home via your wrist from anywhere. You can glance quickly to see your alarm status, set or unset the system and even turn on or off devices.

Lock your home, away from home

Integrate your home with any compatible Danalock V3 Z-Wave lock. Click here to purchase the Ultion Smart Lock version, using code 'zwaveswitch' to ensure you receive the compatible product.

Create a rule to lock and unlock your door each time you arm or disarm the system or unlock remotely to allow access to a family member or friend. Link the locks to your scenes so you can be sure the doors are locked each night when you go to sleep.

Smart sound in a smart home

Integrate your Sonos sound system by connecting your speakers to the app, enabling you to control your music source and room without switching to another application.

Include your Sonos speaker within your scenes so you can wake up to your favourite radio station on or have your latest playlist playing when you return home.

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Security right at your front door

Our video doorbell, featuring an integrated camera, motion sensor, digital microphone and speaker, you can answer the door and speak to visitors via two-way audio – all right from our app. Receive instant notifications so you know when your doorbell has been pressed or when motion is detected around your door. View live video or have clips automatically recorded based on customised rules.

Integrate your door lock and allow access to your porch or home with a single tap from the same screen within the app.