With Christmas over and January in full swing, our daily lives seem to become busier and busier as normal routine returns.

Whether it’s getting the kids ready for school in the morning or remembering if it’s karate, swimming or gymnastics tonight, our everyday tasks require a flurry of multitasking, leaving us open to the risk of forgetting something including not properly securing our homes.

Luckily, Protect My Property’s Smart Homes solution can help with the use of scenes.

Scenes allow you to configure a number of actions across multiple devices with one tap and can be controlled at anytime, from anywhere via the app, web browser, Apple Watch or Siri. 

You can use scenes to control a number of devices including setting or unsetting your security system, controlling lighting via the smart bulbs and electrical appliances (including lamps) with the use of the smart plug.

There are four default scenes automatically stored in your app; Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up – these scenes can only be edited, not deleted. You can configure these scenes to suit your home.

It’s easy to customise and create your own scene to suit your routine or regular activities such as ‘Dinner’ or ‘Movie Night’,  where you can even change the colour and brightness of your smart bulb

You can also integrate your Sonos speaker(s) to your Smart Homes system and set a particular playlist or radio station into one of your scenes to play in the room of your choice, at the volume of your choice.  

We’ve listed 5 example scenes that can make your life a little easier with just one tap:

1. Away – to secure your house when you leave, just tap the ‘Away’ scene. Your Smart Homes system will set to ‘arm away’, turn off the lights and electrical appliances controlled via the smart plug such as your hair straighteners or iron (great if you’re forgetful)

2. Sleep – ready for bed? Tap ‘Sleep’ and your system will set to ‘arm stay’, turn off the lights and electrical appliances (use this scene to enable silent night set and avoid waking up your children)

3. Home – arriving home with bags full of shopping and the kids desperate to get to the games console? Select the ‘Home’ scene to disarm the alarm, switch on the hall lights and turn on the power to the PlayStation

4. Wake Up – with one tap, get out of bed to the sound of your favourite radio station or playlist, turn the landing lights on and disarm the alarm system, even turn on the kettle or coffee machine

5. Movie Night – avoid sitting down ready to watch a film and forgetting to turn off the lights: set your scene and in one tap change the Living Room bulb colour to red and turn off all other lights

If your hands are full, you can also set a scene through Siri. Just say, “Hey Siri, run sleep scene” or create your own voice command such as “Hey Siri, baby’s nap time” or “Siri, I’m heading out” and even include actions on your iPhone such as activating ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode – you can find more information here on Siri shortcuts

If you’re not sure whether you should set your scene to ‘arm stay’ or ‘arm away’, see our guide below:

  • Use ‘arm stay’ when you want to remain in your house but set the alarm, such as when you are going to sleep. It allows you to freely move around inside, but your door and window contact sensors will be armed. You can call us to change this setting and include motion sensors within this setting.
  • Use ‘arm away’ when you are leaving your home unoccupied to set the motion sensors and door or window contact sensors.

Add the widget to your Android or iPhone for quick access to your scenes, without having to open the app.