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Video Monitor

Our stylish and compact camera kit is ideal for keeping an eye on your family or pets at any time.

Capturing high quality video, you can be alerted to movement or activation's instantly via the mobile app using video analytics.


  • 2 indoor cameras

The subscription will automatically be added to your basket and includes a maximum of 4 cameras.



  • Mobile app controlled
  • Real time notifications
  • WiFi connectivity
  • In-built motion sensor
  • Video analytics
  • Store up to 3,000 clips

See for yourself

  • Live video HD quality - use your smartphone or tablet to view live streaming video
  • Smart clips - get an automatic video clip when someone disarms the security system or sets off the alarm
  • Video analytics - records video and get notifed when a vehicle, animal or person moves across the virtual tripwire

Get the first 30 days of your subscription for free*

*minimum subscription term 24 months

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