Door & Window Contact Sensor


Multibuy saving
Buy 3 and save £6 or buy 5 and save £20


Stop burglars where they break in most. Receive notifications when your doors or windows have been opened and closed.

*Requires the Smart Home hub and either the Alert, Active, Aware or Dynamic subscription.

Easy to install

Stick this sensor to any door, window, draw or almost anything that opens using the supplied 3M sticky pads and connect to your Smart Home hub via the online wizard.


Customise alerts direct to your smart device so you can be alerted to when doors or windows are opened or left opened for more than 30 minutes and receive a notification when you leave home and windows are left open.

Protect your valuable assets by placing a sensor on doors or windows to provide an audible alarm and instant notification to your contacts in the event of a break in to your home. When used on your front door, it will provide an audible warning that the alarm is switched on as a reminder to disarm.

Attach the door contact to other areas in your home such as the medicine cabinet or fridge so you can be notified of any activity or if the fridge door has been left ajar.

Connect cameras to your system to verify any activity or for an automatic clip during an event or link your smart bulb to have your lights turn on as you enter a room.

You can also receive unexpected activity notifications when your system identifies an out of the ordinary behaviour pattern such as the front door opening late at night or if your medicine cabinet has been opened outside your normal routine.