Easily set or unset your alarm system using this wireless and battery powered keypad.

*Requires the Smart Home hub and either the Alert, Active, Aware or Dynamic subscription.

Easy to install

Battery powered and wireless, simply peel off the sticky pad and place on the wall in an area where you can easily set or unset the alarm such as your front or back door, garage or at the top of the stairs.


Easily set or unset your alarm system with this slimline and backlit keypad and provide everyone in your home with a unique 4-digit code so you can easily see and be alerted to who set or unset the alarm via customised notifications. It’s great for when the kids get home from school.

Our sophisticated system can even notify you if someone fails to unset the system at the expected or use it in the event of an emergency to activate the alarm or trigger a notification.

You may find it handy if you regularly run out of battery on your smartphone.