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Enter code CELEBRATE20 at checkout to receive discount. Cannot be used with other promo codes. Excludes professional setup.

Outdoor Camera (Add-On)


Check who’s at the door or in the garden at any time, and get a notification when a vehicle, person or animal moves into your perimeter.

*Requires either the Aware, Dynamic or Video subscription.

if you are currently on the Alert or Active subscription, you can still purchase this product, but please contact us to upgrade your subscription. For more details on our subscriptions click here

Easy to install

Firstly, work out where you want your camera to be positioned, ideally out of arms reach. Bear in mind you’ll need to run a power cable (Supplied power supply is 2.8m with an additional 1.5m cable attached to the camera) through the wall to reach an internal socket. We recommend installing the camera yourself only if you are confident with using power tools. Mount the camera to the wall using the mounting bracket provided.

Once your camera is mounted and has power, pair it to your account via the online wizard or directly in the app.

If you need help with the installation, one of our professionals can setup your system for you for a fixed fee of £120. Find out more here.


View live footage of your home right on your phone, tablet or computer – from anywhere, at anytime. Easily check up on your family, pets or visitors with crystal clear HD quality video.

Receive instant video notifications when there is an activity in your property that matters to you. Easily catch up on what you missed with a searchable library of recorded video clips.

Our cameras are enabled with video analytics that can detect and alert you to people, vehicles and animals entering your virtual tripwire. With a wide field of view, night vision and High Dynamic Range (HDR), this camera lets you see what’s important – no matter the time of day or lighting conditions.

Pair the camera with the Smart Home hub to coordinate your camera with your alarm to receive an automatic video clip when someone sets or unsets the system, triggers the alarm or a sensor is opened.

Your camera will store up to 3,000 clips per month in the cloud which is fully encrypted. You can access your saved clips from the app, where you can download those you want to save for later or share them with your friends or family.