Smart Plug


Turn on or off appliances from anywhere.

*Requires the Smart Home hub and either the Active or Dynamic subscription.

If you are currently on the Alert or Aware subscription, you can still purchase this product, but please contact us to upgrade your subscription. For more details on our subscriptions click here

Easy to install

The smart plug works just like an adaptor. Just plug it in to the power socket then plug in your appliance. Pair it to the hub via the online wizard or through the app.


Turn on or off lamps, your iron, hair straighteners, kettle and so much more all from your phone or tablet – so no more worrying about if you’ve forgotten to turn off the iron.

Set customisable rules to automate your home, turning on or off appliances when you enter a room, open a door or when the alarm is triggered. Use the geo-location services so you can even make your TV switch on when you arrive home.

Apply daily schedules to your appliances to automatically switch on and off when you need them to, making it look like you are home when you’re not.

Edit your scenes and combine setting or unsetting your alarm system with lamps switching on or off, having your kettle boil when you wake up or switching off your TV when you go to bed, all in one tap.

You can also manually switch your appliances on or off at any time from the app or via your voice when your system is integrated with Siri.