Stream Video Recorder


Designed to work with our indoor and outdoor cameras, the stream video recorder allows continuous recording and local storage of video footage accessible directly from the app or web browser.

*Requires either the Aware, Dynamic or Video subscription.

If you are currently on the Alert or Active subscription, you can still purchase this product, but please contact us to upgrade your subscription. For more details on our subscriptions click here.

Easy to install

Set your stream video recorder up near to your router. You’ll need to plug in the supplied ethernet cable and power cable.

Once plugged in, pair it to your account via the online wizard or directly through the app and follow the steps to connect the cameras you wish to record.


Store continuous recordings from your Smart Homes cameras onto the internal 1TB hard drive so you can capture every second of activity from inside and outside your home.

Access the recorded footage anytime directly from the app or web browser and download any footage you may need to keep permanently.

Our unique timeline uses indicators to pinpoint moments of activity, from video analytic rules to activated detection devices making it easy for you do go straight to the moment in time you wish to view.

You can store up to approximately 40 days worth of footage from one camera at 1080p quality or 10 days worth of footage from four cameras.